Cityscape, Searchlights and Time lapse: Oh My! (SLYT)
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Timelapse Intersection Articulée à Montréal In October, 2011, the Contemporary Museum of Monteral presented "Intersection Articulée", an interactive installation from Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. It was composed of 18 projectors of 10k watts each, visible from ~9 miles (15km) away. Here's some time lapse video results, with music.
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Love it! Of course, I do without the music.

I like to imagine that projectors were a way of telling aliens, "This is Montreal. We speak French and are AWESOME."
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I thought "projectors" threw images. All I see in this video are spotlights. Terminology difference?
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I live here.
It was beautiful.
Most lights were moved around by people passing by in the plaza (Place des festivals).

The staccato of the video doesn't show it, but what I found the most striking (an UFO-like) was when the clouds were low and you could see white spots dancing slowly up there.

(I had searched about it at the time and this set up is traveling and has been showed in other cities.)
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A good friend of mine works for Lozano-Hemmer, and has just about the best job ever. As bru mentions the coolest thing about this work is that you can actually walk up to most of the spots (some of them were installed in difficult to access places) and physically control their motion.
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I'm confused - I live in montreal and remember seeing those spotlights (which unless someone explains the difference is what I assume they are). I used to live in los angeles, and practically every week you would see spotlights rented by clubs and restaurants shining into the sky. I assumed the lozano-hammer piece was just spotlights rented by clubs. Looking at the video I don't really see a difference, other I guess than the fact the people could reposition the lights. Was there more to it than is obvious?

Of course, I haven't been blown away by any of the lozano-hammer pieces that i have seen IRL either, so maybe it's just not my thing.
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