36 Pongs
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Pongs (browser game, Flash) is Pippin Barr's exploration of a tiny corner of the game design universe: 36 variations of Pong.
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It's pretty neat, but I wish there was a one-player option.
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One player would be great, but given how impossible some of them seem anyway, I'll take it as art and be amused it exists.

I ran into a page with some variants of Snake a few days ago, but not so organized as this. And really, with Snake you don't have too much other than design variation, not play.
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Finally, as with all these projects, PONGS has come to symbolise certain “larger” issues of game design for me. In particular, making variants of something as simple as PONG helped me to distill in some way what games might be made of. Or rather than that, perhaps, it has been in playing the games and seeing how much of a difference a tiny rule change makes to the experience (and strategies and all that) of play that have been illustrative. I’m not clear that it’s helped me perceive any deeper truths about “what games are” or anything, but experientially, at least, it has felt interesting and worthwhile. You mileage will almost certainly vary. And, after all, isn’t it all about variable mileage in the end?

Pippin Barr, previously

I do love Barr's wry humor, especially "Serious Pong," in which the 'ball' is a refugee seeking asylum in Country X, and illegally re-entering home country Country Y. It seems that by letting the "refugee" pass, Country X isn't necessarily losing, according to their implied rules regarding asylum. Plate of beans, etc..
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Just great!
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Based on the "Dark Souls" post today, I think we can add "Pong" to the list of games where the use of computer keys instead of analog controls is detrimental to gameplay.
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There's also the Joust/Pong mashup Flap-Ping, which was actually released as an Atari cartridge. You can play an online version here.
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You can play Pong in the Middle, solo for a while.
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Back in my day Pong was Pong & Super Mario Bros. was Super Mario Bros. You kids and your mods and hacks.

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I think most of the target audience for this game will not want someone playing the second player on their keyboard.
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Hm...not exactly sure what the implication is there, UyB. Presumably not something about growing up with an Atari?
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Fertility pong is one that actually works as a game. Balls multiply every time they hit a paddle.
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Back in my day Pong was Pong & Super Mario Bros. was Super Mario Bros.


Back in MY day, Pong was Pong and Super Mario Bros. was "what the hell are you talking about? A grocery store?"
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