Human chess
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Every other year since 1923, the town of Marostica in Italy has staged a recreation of a human chess game played in 1454 between two noblemen for the hand of the castle lord's daughter.

The Italian tradition receives a modern twist in this Mario/Luigi vs Wario/Waluigi confrontation from Metrocon 2008's Anime-themed match. Fan conventions devoted to The Prisoner have featured renactments from the game in the "Checkmate" episode.

Human chess is also a regular feature of Vietnamese temple festivals.
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"Come back, fools! Protect me!"
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BRB, forwarding this to my father so he knows to demand this of my future suitors.
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One of the programs I did for my museum last year was to work with a producer friend and a bunch of volunteer actors to stage a live chess game. Two chess masters from our area played a real game in real time, and the pieces moved accordingly. It was amazing - one of the most visually striking things I've ever seen. The crowd watched in a total hush. Some pictures are on our Facebook.
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ganng baang!
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the hand of a castle lord's daughter

Most people don't realize that the rules of chess are based on fairly perverse sexual fetishes. There are bishops and horses involved. The queen is more powerful than the king.

But that's the game. Most people just want to mate.
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the queen is more powerful that the king

According to Marilyn Yalom's book Birth of the Chess Queen, the original piece next to the king was a male counsel called the "vizier."

The earliest manuscripts replace the vizier with the queen in the 10th century. She played a much weaker role and was only allowed to move one square at a time and only on the diagonal. Apparently the "strong" queen arose about the time of Isabella of Spain.
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Hm, 'Hypnerotomachia Poliphili' (1467?) includes a chess ballet. Coincidence?

Rabelais did one too, of course.
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They should do this in Prague ... so it would be ... Czech Mate

I'm here all week, tell your friends
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I think it's Richard Lester's Three Musketeers that has the indolent French king playing chess with pieces that are various breeds of dog... it does'nt end well.
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I was hoping this was like Battle Chess and the pieces actually kill each other in amusing ways.
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I wonder if this inspired the bit from History of the World, Part I?
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I'm homesick: my family house is less than 10 miles from Marostica. Here more beautiful pictures of the city and surrounding areas. If you are ever there take the passeggiata dei Carmini, a nice short hike from the lower castle to the castle on top of the hill.
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Not sure if the mention of fool-soldiers in the second link is a typo or spot-on.
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