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The Long Good Read presents two articles daily from The Guardian website selected from those featured on Guardian Zeitgeist that users spent the most time reading.
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Man, I love The Guardian, and wish Australia had a paper (hell, even a weekly) that even approached being half as good as that thing. This looks like a great resource, thanks fearfulsymmetry!
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Now I have a crush on Barbara Ellen.
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I read the first page, and already I want to start an argument. That's good writing!
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The Long Good Read is a nice idea but in practice, the articles that tend to end up there are things like "Best Macaroni and Cheese recipe" and softer, less interesting things (though it's been a little better lately, and has turned up some great stuff, perhaps it's only recently started getting human intervention). I've been following it since it was started about a year and a half ago (its creator @-d me on Twitter, because I run one of the popular long-things-to-read sites) and have only got maybe a couple of things a week worth even a second look out of it. I stay subscribed though, because I love the idea. More things like this, media.
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I also wish they didn't reprint each article in full on the index page. Makes it such a pain to scroll.
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