Higgs Boson
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Higgs Boson explained - via animation or, by click by click comic version. A brief talk about the mysterious Higgs Boson and the LHC search for it, given by particle physicist Daniel Whiteson
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This was neat, thanks for posting.
posted by carter at 9:16 PM on April 26, 2012

Now that was my type of science class.
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On a related note: What Particle are You?
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Yeah, that was grand, thanks.

I did some social research interviews as part time job a while back. We were calling graduates from post secondary schooling to see if they were employed in their field, on behalf of the Ministry of Education. I got a physics Ph.D, and it was such a fun interview. One of the questions was 'what are the daily activities of your current job', or something. He said straightforwardly: 'Well, I accelerate tiny particles to very high speeds and smash them into each other'. He was definitely having more fun than most of the respondents.
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One of my favourite places at CERN was the cafeteria.
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Without so much bullshit to wade through, the whole thing seems a lot less weighty.
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Without so much bullshit to wade through, the whole thing seems a lot less weighty.

Well the "God Particle" thing was always overblown hype, but it's still a pretty major thing if we discover it (or don't) as it's pretty much the last piece of the puzzle for the standard model. If we discover anything else, it's going to be really exotic stuff like super-symmetry or some other kind of dark matter candidate.
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This comic doesn't actually cover what the Higgs Mechanism is at all. It kind of skips over all the hard stuff.
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I really enjoyed that, even if it does skip some of the tricky stuff about the mechanism.

Different person, same great idea: the Cartoon guide to Physics is excellent!
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I should just add, for honesty's sake, that I can barely grasp any of the 'tricky stuff' I referred to above...
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the LHC just discovered a new particle (not the Higgs Boson)
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