Memories that aren't mine, yet they seem so tangible. Everywhere there's a sense of loss...
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"I'd like my work to be found in a skip, in Southgate or somewhere, in forty years' time". Nick Papadimitriou walks and looks and writes and thinks, as he ventures around London and its fringes. He eschews the term 'psychogeography', preferring the notion of 'deep topography' to describe what he does. The London Perambulator, a short documentary about his work, was released in 2009 and features Will Self, Iain Sinclair, and Russell Brand talking about his impact on their work. His first book, Scarp, will be released by Sceptre this summer.
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Excellent - I've pre-ordered the book.

I give it about three comments before somebody does the hoary old joke about how the ancient tribe of Middle Saxons left us Middlesex, the East Saxons Essex, the South Saxons Sussex and the West Saxons Wessex, while for some mysterious reason the northern tribe of Nossex seems to have disappeared.
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it was <3.

There's something tremendous about the work of artists or writers who are dedicated to a place.. how they can impart their love for a location to the audience.
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Sounds almost too good to be true. I hope the book makes it to the states.
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If you enjoy this, you should really read The Rings of Saturn by W.G. Sebald. Good stuff.
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This sounds interesting; if it makes it here I will read it.
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This was fascinating. The idea of looking not just into, but beyond, the obvious is brilliant. Definitely on my reading list now.
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