Melvil Dewey Rap
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Hi! My name is Melvil Dewey! Nice to meetcha, how you doing? (SLYT). Meet the International Library Hip Hop Superstar and Library Journal Mover and Shaker (literally). 597.3 - SHARKS!
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The Dewey Decimal System... what a scam that was.
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I feel the need to add this:
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Sorry, here.
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I feel the need to add this

Well, it's a free country. You can add it here if you want to. But that was unfunny, badly produced, and displayed appalling ignorance of library science.

Also, those were clearly map files and not a card catalog.
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I was happy to see this guy in LJ because I wondered the first time when I saw this video what his deal was. It's nice to know he's someone that's actually really into libraries and not someone just capitalizing on knowing a few things about libraries.
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