Our New War Culture
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Our New War Culture Has recent events altered the landscape and trajectory of American Pop Culture? Is there such thing as "Blowback" of cultural artifacts as well back to our shores from far away lands.
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Just a month ago, Donald Rumsfeld seemed a has-been, fighting a quixotic jihad on behalf of his beloved missile shield. Democrats of a certain age couldn't help seeing a parody of Bob McNamara, or a character out of Dr. Strangelove. But now his demeanor makes sense: a jaunty soldierliness, accompanied by--surprise--a sense of humor. In deadpan midwestern lockjaw, he pokes fun at aides and reporters...Rumsfeld's bluff comportment winks at the artificiality of the news conference: "I know secrets. You know I know secrets. But I'm not going to tell them to you...and you know that."

I've seen many of Rumsfeld's press briefings on C-SPAN and found myself enjoying the Secretary of Defense's sly wit. Which is really weird, when I stop and think about it. {By the way, when I spell-checked the above, the three last names were rejected, in favor of: Reused Camaro Strange.}
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Following up on my previous post--and hijacking this thread, I'm afraid: Howard Mortman, nationaljournal.com columnist, reveals that he too enjoys the Secretary's humor, in Donald Rumsfeld, Uncorked.
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