Thousands of ads, thousands of brochures, thousands of photos
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x-ray delta one's flickr stream is filled with thousands of scans assembled by a one-man library named James Vaughan. The collected ephemera contains brochures, ads, and magazines from the world of air travel, cars, trains, and lots of other things. No matter where you dive in, there are always treasures.
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Ey-o! I'm walkin' here!
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His photostream is a seemingly endless pool of great finds, but if you somehow go through everything there and still need more, his favorites is also fully loaded with awesome stuff. I've discovered many other great photostreams via his faves.
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I found this recently looking for cutaways of golden-age flying boats. Instead, I found the flickr group cutaways, which is heavily sourced from X-RD1.
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Too many psycho-sexual issues to comment on...
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This is awesome. Thanks so much.
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Yeah, I recently stumbled on this photostream while looking for some old airplane pictures. I think I lost about four hours of my life that day just clicking 'next photo.'
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Ah, the GM Scenicruiser. One of the greatest regrets of my childhood is that I never got to sit in that first raised row with the forward view.
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This is awesome, thanks! Looking forward to making a Flickr Blog post about this stream...
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If you'd like to see the originals of some of these images, posted by the folks who actually scanned them and cleaned them up, please see the Flickr photostreams of Ward Jenkins, Leif Peng, and Glen Mullaly (my husband), and the Mid-Century Illustrated group.
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