Soft and still
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Soft and still is the artwork of Nowhere Girl, a comic about a depressed, painfully shy and disaffected girl named Jamie. The settings and the tempo of the art seem to grab me and hold. I don't like many of the webcomics I've found on the internet, but I think this one stands out for its sincerity. Are there any other online comics like this one? (This link was found through Memepool.)
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this is a great comic.. i read it last weekend, from start to wherever it's at now, not being able to stop. it seems to be "the talk" right now with the online comics community. i haven't found many other comics on the net like this that aren't based on humor (not that it's better than the other more popular comics like penny arcade and megatokyo.. just a different flavor.), so it was definitely a gem.
posted by lotsofno at 10:16 AM on October 18, 2001

Yeah, dig the minimalism and the funky black scrollbar.

Artwork & story seem top notch from first impressions ... and it's free ... just the way I like 'em.
posted by walrus at 11:19 AM on October 18, 2001

a good place to check is the comics section of memepool :) i remember platinum grit was pretty good.

piercing by david gaddis comes to mind. i'm hoping autopilot comes out soon....

nowhere girl looks like a nice comic, thanks!
posted by kliuless at 11:41 AM on October 18, 2001

i've just been reading platinum grit, kliuless, and it's really good -- thanks for the link.
posted by moz at 12:04 PM on October 18, 2001

Re "Nowhere Girl" I found the story-line compelling and the art-work to be very good, however during the scene at night in the rain, couldn't tell the two characters apart........which is pretty stupid (of me) but I wish that the artist had made them a little easier to tell apart. There were some inconsistencies in the character portrayal, the way the characters are drawn, but I think that's common for new comics.

Anyway, the story-line more than made up for it.
posted by lucien at 1:15 PM on October 18, 2001

The artwork looks nice, but those huge ass pages sure weren't built for the web. And I hate that. If you want to do a print comic, do it - don't just shovel it online.
posted by owillis at 1:42 PM on October 18, 2001

Thanks, moz. I've been jonesin' but unwilling to start buying comics again ($$$!). Nowhere girl is surprisingly compelling.
posted by frykitty at 3:40 PM on October 18, 2001

owillis, if you're willing to provide the author with the money for a world-wide print run, I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige :)
posted by Lionfire at 6:02 PM on October 18, 2001

thank was wonderful thank you.
posted by juv3nal at 6:35 PM on October 18, 2001

brilliant stuff.
to hell with javascript and flash...let the drawings do the talking!
posted by arrowhead at 12:06 AM on October 19, 2001

angry little asian girl is fresh, but in a different way.
posted by Counselco at 3:15 AM on October 19, 2001

Yep looks good. Thanks moz. Been in withdrawal since the King left the building.
posted by aflakete at 5:40 AM on October 20, 2001

And of course, don't forget MegaTokyo. ^_^
posted by SenshiNeko at 10:01 PM on October 21, 2001

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