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The San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explains why you should adopt a shelter dog. Want to adopt a dog - or cat - but worried about the cost? Maddie's Fund is a charitable foundation that helps to promote adoptions by underwriting the costs of sheltering, vaccinations, and other expenses. If you're in the Bay Area, their annual adoptathon is this weekend, and their goal is to find new homes fo 3000 shelter animals. The fund also sponsors many other adoption events around the country.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Heya, posts built around charity/fundraiser stuff are kind of not okay in general. If you want to make a post about adoption stuff in abstract independent of the sort of Get Out The Adopt angle, that'd be more okay. -- cortex

Also, they left off that shelter pets are the most delicious!
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I am sure that this has been said any number of times, but no dog compares to a rescue dog. Sure, you may not get the breed or coloration that you wanted, but the bond created when a dog picks you rather than the other way around is astounding.
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That's more why you shouldn't get a dog from kijiji than why you should adopt a shelter dog, no? Pretty cool video anyway. This year I started fostering dogs that aren't doing too great in the shelter environment til they find their forever home and, while my own retriever sometimes hates me for it, it's enormously fun and rewarding.
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Several years ago, we lost Linus and Soren within a few months of each other. Poor Lady, our remaining cat, did her level best to do the work of three cats but as awesome as she is, it's a task that would be beyond almost any cat, let alone one who was moving on in years and suffering the loss of her companions.

After a few months of living without enough cats, we decided to go to the (SF) SPCA. Just to look. We had already decided we wanted to adopt a bonded pair of adult cats, which are very hard to find homes for.

Of course, our Sunday afternoon of "just looking" at "bonded pair" adult cats meant we came home with two unrelated kittens. We did not choose Yorvit or Roswell; they chose us.
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Saffron is our shelter dog from the Boulder Valley Humane Society, and she's stupendously great. She's super smart, super affectionate, and simply a great friend to have around. I can completely recommend getting a shelter dog. I can also say meeting dogs, and seeing how they interact with you is the best way to get a dog. I already had Silver, our Australian Shepherd, when I adopted Saffron, and they got to meet before I adopted Saffron. No issues then, and never an issue since. All the cats that have been in my life have been from the humane society as well, and they've all been awesome. So most definitely get your animal companion from a shelter.
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I acknowledge it's good to have ambulances at the bottom of cliffs, and the day I fall from an unlit unfenced cliffside path I really hope there is an ambulance down there, but I really hate being encouraged to be an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.
I prefer to do my part towards preventing a fall, not picking up the mangled pieces.
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