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Brown Moses Blog curates and analyzes news regarding the Syrian uprising, the wider Arab Spring, and the UK phone hacking scandal. It is written by Something Awful forums moderator Brown Moses. Recent entries include discussion of the increasingly well armed Free Syrian Army, senior members of the Catholic Church criticizing pro-Assad clergy, and a look at the evidence of more sophisticated IEDs being used in Syria.

The blog is beginning to attract attention from professional journalists, including mentions in coverage from The Guardian and The Christian Science Monitor.
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The blog about explosively formed penerators (EFPs) being used in Syria by the resistance brought to mind the tape recorder NYT journalism about EFPs in Iraq

SA blog + youtube analysis = better reporting than the NYT
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Re Syria (or Iran or whoever the next target might be): the bad guy are bad guys because they are the enemy. They are not the enemy because they are bad guys.
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to be fair, "better reporting than the NYT" is not really a high bar to set
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SA blog + youtube analysis = better reporting than the NYT

And loads more lulz!
I just did this and I now have an account called //BobDiamond, using his email address to access Menshn!
That's pretty damn funny
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Christ, they shot down an attack helicopter.

Generally, when it comes down to people on the ground versus helicopter gunships, I'm going to root for the guys on the ground. What a bloody mess, though.
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(This would probably be FPP material but I can't go hunting for more meat for a post atm)
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Also from article: Interior minister injured, was rumored dead.
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Excuse me, deputy chief of staff to the military.
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