Petzl RocTrip China 2011
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We speak the same language, which is climbing.
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C'est l'aventure!
posted by shoesfullofdust at 4:32 PM on July 1, 2012

I speak falling.

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About halfway through and enjoying it. Just wish the music was turned down in the mix a may just be my hearing or speakers but I'm having trouble making out speech over it. Chris Sharma is in there...a real beast.
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That is some beautiful limestone there. Far beyond my ability, I stand in awe of anyone who can climb that rock.
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Best part is a glimpse of Lynn Hill climbing! She is a legend.
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Exhilarating. Awesome soundtrack and editing, too.
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Excellent video - thanks, shoesfullofdust - that was most engaging.
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It's amazing what they're doing, technically. I'm a little bugged by the hundreds of bolts & all the chalk they're putting everywhere.
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I know what you mean, my first thought was "that's a lot of bolts". I don't suppose it's something you could climb with a bunch of friends, but I was raised not to drill holes for bolts if at all possible. That would make a lot of these big routes impossible, but maybe that's not a bad thing either.
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It's not like cramming metal friends into rock doesn't damage the rock, either. There's a place in the Czech Republic/Germany that doesn't allow chalk or metal gear so as to protect the sandstone towers. Climbing there is nuts because if you fall, you rarely have any bolts or metal stuff to break your fall. Instead, you tie knots into rope, and jam the knots into cracks in the rock. You can read more about it here.
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Cool! Love a great climbing movie...
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My hands hurt just watching that.
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Fun video, dig the music.

Camming devices such as friends do not generally damage the rock they are used in. If the rock is not strong enough to withstand the force of the cam, it's not strong enough to hold the fall.

Climbers as a group are very sensitive about the use of bolts. Concerned not only about the preservation of esthetic beauty but also for preservation of risk and seriousness. The prevailing ethic is that bolts should not be used where "clean", non-permanent alternatives such as cam or chock placements are available. It is also a serious transgression to come along later and add a bolt where the first ascent party did not see fit, and such a bolt will usually disappear unless it's really, really warranted or the first party gives their approval.

About a month ago I climbed an easy route up Half Dome, on the opposite side from the cables. The contrast between the sparsely protected "climber's side" and the heavy handed use of fixed gear on the general public side was dramatic.
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Loved the video. What a crazy spot, especially that cave.
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Incredible. Thanks!
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