Harlem 1927
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In 1927 Miguel Covarrubias published Negro Drawings ( nsfw ).
Here are some of his cartoons for Vanity Fair and other publications.
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Nice. Thanks.
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Wow, what a fascinating artist. A little embarrassed I've never heard of him!
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So very, very much to enjoy in Covarrubias' life and work.

He famously went to Bali in the 1930s. And was involved in filming traditional music and dance.

Here is a blog post with lots of fascinating pics and tidbits.

He was a more popular-type artist working mostly in commercial art and illustration, but you can see echoes of contemporary "high art" trends in his stuff as well. I love the simple line art drawings, though--so much to offer in so little.
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Shared a studio with brother Al Hirschfeld back in the day, and was a serious inspiration for the old boy.
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1937 Life article on his period in Bali.

Evidently W.E.B. Du Bois REALLY did not like Covarrubias:
Covarrubias has illustrated the book; and not being an art critic, my judgment on the success of his work is worth litte. I am frank to say, however, that I think I could exist quite happily if Covarrubias had never been born.
From a 1930 review of the autobiography of Emmanuel Taylor Gordon. Cite confirming the column was written by Du Bois.
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The Crisis - what a great name for a magazine! (See the 'did not like' link above.)
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An extraordinary artist.
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