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Shaenon K. Garrity, who has more expertise than most with the humorous depiction of the paranormal and government black-ops from her webcomics Narbonic* and Skin Horse** uses it to do a weekly twelve-panel MAD magazine-ish recap of episodes of The X-Files in "Monster of the Week". So far: Pilot or They Haven't Invented the Theme Song Yet, Deep Throat or Deep Throat Is Barely Even In This Episode and Squeeze or The First Monster Of The Week.

This fills the gap left by the blog-form Mulder's Big Adventure (previously), done by Mefi's Own cortex and secretariat but abandoned without even finishing Season One and replaced with a Markov chain. (I wanted to see them do the Clyde Bruckman and Jose Chung episodes, dammit!) For more serious recappery, has Re-Opening the X-Files, now halfway through Season 4.

* featuring a 2nd generation mad scientist, superintelligent gerbils, a demon expelled from Hell and a swashbuckling forensic linguist - completed a 6 year story arc, now in reruns.
** following operatives for a super-secret agency tasked with various cryptozoological tasks, including a talking dog, a patchwork zombie, a helicopter with the brain of a dead gamer and a cross-dressing human - co-authored with Jeffrey Channing Wells and co-hosted at GoComics.
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Oh, hey, my 16-year-old self (who could recite to you the title and writers of any episode aired up to that point and tell you how long, to the minute, until the next episode aired) just plotzed. This is awesome :)

(Oh, David Duchovny's early hair, you so weird.)
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I SEE A DALEK! And a Monster Manual.

This speaks my language.

And makes me want to watch the X-Files, so I can once again be disappointed by how it kinda tapers off to a nonsensical end, but not before I get really EXCITED BY THE OMG endings!
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What was that alien body in the coffin? Didn't Scully decide it was some sort of mutated orangutan? I love that show (up until they tried replacing Mulder).
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This is excellent. Posting it when only 3 are up yet is pretty cruel though.
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Garrity is a treasure! A treasure! Plus, she's really nice. And her comics are funny. We could do worse than people like that.

Plus, when her mad scientists giggle, they go "Bwee-hee-hee!" that's gold, right there. Slightly radioactive gold.
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Skin Horse?
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Oh no, that's all she's drawn? But waiting is so hard!
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These are great.

"I smell paranormal!" <- He actually says stuff like this.

But the magic of X-Files was that he said stuff like that with self-awareness. But also seriously. But also ironically. (That was really the magic of Duchovny, which is probably why he didn't last long. If his character doesn't believe something crazy while being self-deprecating, his little self-aware ironic smile doesn't work.)

Which is kind of the magic of this comic too. It's mocking with love and loving with mockery.
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Wow, what timing. About a week or so ago I looked at my DVD collection and noticed that it'd been a long time since I watched the X-Files. So I started at season one, episode one.

I just watched Squeeze the other night.
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This is beyond awesome. I had never heard of Shaenon K. Garrity and now I have and I am so happy. Thank you oneswellfoop!
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This is awesome! I spent way too much time on this show in the 90s - I had a relatively popular fansite. Those were the days. Love the reflection in the Squeeze cartoon on the random styling.
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"As teenagers who get high and watch UFOs, we say totally get involved in this rad and extreme case."

These are great and made me laugh - thanks for posting!
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I can't wait till she gets to the inbred hillbilly family.
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I'll never get tired of over-analyzing the X-Files. Great stuff.
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yeah yeah, that's what cortex said, too.
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Shaenon Garrity previously on MetaFilter.

Sooper-secret tip- the filenames of her comics tell a story in both Narbonic and Skin Horse. (Narbonic story here, ongoing Skin Horse story here)
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Oh, Hactar, I did not know that. My Geek Crush for Ms. Garrity has just intensified 23%.
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My happy just increased. Thank you.
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