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Smithsonian magazine visits the Vice President museum in Huntington, Indiana.

The VP museum, which once used the advertising motto “Second to One,” isn’t kind to the nation’s founders, either. It was they who are largely to blame for the rogues, also-rans and even corpses who have often filled the office. The Constitution gave almost no role to the vice president, apart from casting tie-breaking votes in the Senate. John Adams, the first to hold the job, called it “the most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived.”
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Wonder if they have the Dan Quayle bidet exhibit?
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Huntington. Gateway to South Whitley.
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I want to see this show up in my new favorite show. JL-D is crushing the SHIT out of the Seinfeld curse every week on this one.
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Vice has a President museum? That ought to be interesting.
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Somehow I had a brain fart when making the post and completely left out the bit where it's in Dan Quayle's hometown and is the Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center.
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One of the highlights when I visited 15 years ago was the report card of Dan Quayle's that his dog had half-eaten.
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If you stop through Huntington you must eat at nicks kitchen, for their "world famous" tenderloin sandwiches. Then you should leave.
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Shout out to my homie William Rufus King, whose 25-day tenure as veep was as close as any Alabamian has ever come to the presidency, unless you count the time a drunk Governor James "Big Jim" Folsom took a piss on the White House lawn.
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Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center

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Vice has a President museum? That ought to be interesting.

Lots of pictures of guys at funerals for Second and Third World leaders...
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I wonder if they have one of Cheney's man-sized safes?
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