Virtual and Analog Art
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Bryn Oh is staging an art exhibition called Virginia Alone simultaneously at the Santa Fe New Media Festival and in Second Life (free account required).

Virginia is a blind, 80 years old woman who made audio recordings of her life alone in the Canadian wilderness. Bryn distilled hundreds of tapes down into several excerpts accompanied by both analog and virtual images. Bryn's other art works are preserved at her YouTube.
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Thanks, that was nicely done. I popped into the build in SL briefly after watching some of the video/machinima. I'm glad to see that several virtual artists are being included in this new media festival. I'm interested to find out if this is engaging or interesting to people without the Second Life aspect.
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So far Bryn hasn't written about that on her Blog, but I have to admit to being curious myself! I might ask at some point, but right now I'm waiting for what she feels like revealing about Virginia.
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