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Science for the people: take a renowned scientist (Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman (Physics), Stephen Benkovik (Chemisty)) and sit them down on a street corner to answer questions.
Also: The No Excuse List (resources to learn just about anything), Minute Physics, Udacity (free, University-level courses online) and PetriDish, a Kickstarter for science projects.
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Actually, due to budget cutbacks, the current funding model for scientific research really does involve prominent scientists sitting on street corners. "Got a quarter for science?"
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I dunno, man. On the one hand, I like the idea of PetriDish. On the other hand, the stuff on the front page seems a little more like "things that sound cool" than "things that are scientifically important." I'm not sure I think the crowd can accurately pick useful science to fund.
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The owners do the initial review for PetriDish, as it's a for-profit business; their FAQ explains the financial deal. I've looked at the ideas briefly and contributed a bit to one and find others that seem likely worth attention, and suggested one researcher take a look at them as maybe worth pitching. What other science funding sites are coming up?
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I met Leon Lederman several times in high school, and he was pretty much always patiently explaining things to whoever asked. Really nice guy. My classmates and I called him "Uncle Leon."
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What a great idea! Getting science leaders (who've overcome their innate shyness) out of the labs and in front of the people helps to dispel the utter nonsense peddled by the fear-mongers, as well as show the wide human diversity in the professions.
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