A Golden Galaxy of Science Fiction
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The Library of America recently started an online companion to their 1950s Science Fiction Golden Era collection which includes cover art, interviews with authors and articles by writers on the genre. Previous link on LOA
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Pretty cool — some I knew, some I didn't. Always good to get a long-form recommendation by someone who enjoys and understands a book rather than just see it on a list with a vague little blurb.
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They look delectable. I would eat those tomes. I would read them first wearing my space suit and x-ray laser pistol, then I would make a stew. Potatoes, carrots, onions, a little salt and pepper (not too much).

Down the hatch.
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Excellent, thank you. It's brilliant
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Yes, and it about time. I have read most of these in my life but only own one or two... it would be good to add to the collection.
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Wow, that's a great collection—I was expecting to quibble, but I don't think I'd change a thing. Thanks for this post, and I want the LOA set!
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Okay, I'm casting this bottle into the ocean: long ago, 30-40 years, I checked out hardbound Doubleday SF books from the public library and was enchanted by the endpapers that featured every 50's-era icon of sci-fi ever: robots, mad scientists, big-headed aliens, flying saucers! Rendered gorgeously in black & white. For years, I have searched for and never found this artwork. Does anyone recall this? Can any, blessed, person, point me to it?
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I own a few, but I want these. So much.
For US$60 it's totally worth the doubles I might have.

Also of interest...
Kurt Vonnegut Novels & Stories 1950–1962.

Oh hells yes.
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