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Curious Kazakh Gopher at a Spaceport. (SLYT with explanatory NPR blog post)

I love the whole look of the scene, especially the part with the rocket in the background. For some reason it makes me think of playing "No One Lives Forever II".
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Dude, no need to editorialize in the FPP.

Seriously, that was fantastic- the Hitchcock music made it really work. I'm curious about animal videos like these: what do you think the animal is thinking about the camera, and what is it about the camera that piques its curiosity?
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Hey, in 1974 that Gopher was named to the Order of Lenin for his contributions to the soviet space program. He's retired now, but still wanted to live near his beloved rockets. He's wondering why there are so many cameras in front of his dacha.
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what is it about the camera that piques its curiosity?

It's not organic, it's not moving, it wasn't there yesterday, and it possibly reflects the animal's image, something that nothing else in its environment probably does.
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Also, potentially gnaw-worthy.
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Gnawing is kind of a rodent's job description. I let my guinea pigs run around my bedroom and now I have to get my laptop's power cord replaced!
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Heard they nicknamed him "FOOF." Isn't that adorable?
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It's all fun and games until the rocket transport train tracks start getting under-mined...
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That rocket totally photo-bombed the gopher's video.
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I'm alright, nobody worry 'bout me
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Hah. I like how the last one was so quick to emerge and have a look around after the gigantic multi-hundred-ton launching platform rolls over its home. He's like... "Welp. I guess that's there now."
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Adorable to the max, but now I have to find that music. Is it really something from a Hitchcock movie, or just Hitchcockesque? It's not the theme to the tv show (Funeral March of the Marionette), I know that.
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Day 37 - The humans continue to suspect nothing. The rodential body of the host organism seems to inspire an optimal mix of affection and complacence, aided by continual execution of the behavioral subroutines "scamper", "sniff", and "gnaw" in the presence of their visual recording device. Preparations for the invasion are in their final stages; soon I will have crippled their primary means of space transport. In five days, the operation shall begin.


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If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall rocket on the launch platform, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off.
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I think he'll be okay when the rocket launches. If there's sidewalks and rail tracks then that area is probably not washed by exhaust during takeoffs. And he's underground, which is always a plus when there's strange, loud noises and explosions.

A bigger question is how he can possibly get enough to eat. It doesn't look like there's a single blade of grass in that spot.
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What they don't realize is the gophers have gnawed themselves out a traveling compartment in the Soyuz navigational computer. Gophers on the ISS!
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Maybe he someday hopes to hitch a ride, like spacebat.
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You can see the little thrusters in his brain firing, trying to figure out what this shiny new object is and, more importantly, can he eat it?
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So that's who's been stealing our cucumbers.
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Very nice; I like.
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Camera! Om nom nom nom.
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Does it have a name? If not, I suggest Lamarr II.
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In post-Soviet Kazakhstan, gopher watches YOU and your space program
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