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Formula 1 powerhouse McLaren not only designs good cars, they've commissioned a series of YouTube cartoons featuring Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, their current drivers. Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3
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There's a McLaren dealership near my work in Newport Beach, and they have a car with a mirror finish parked outside... the whole car, mirror finish. It looks ridiculous, and I don't see how anyone could look at that car and decide to buy a McLaren. Then again, I'm a teacher, and couldn't in any stretch of the imagination afford their cars, so maybe they know what they're doing.

Mirror finish, though. The entire body.
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McLaren have been my team since I was 8 years old. This is very good, and Lewis won at the Hungaroring yesterday, making it McLaren's 150th race win.
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The cartoon version of Jenson kinda resembles the main character in "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs", doesn't he? But then, the pit crew is also a lot like the Minions in "Despicable Me" but in a more natural skin tone.
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Oh cool, there's a third one out ... thanks.

I sent the first two to a long time friend of mine who's a big time McLaren fan. He said he laughed pretty hard.

I like McLaren okay; I was a bigger fan of the founder & Denny Hulme way back when, but Ron Dennis bugs me. That guy's so uptight, he makes Roger Penske look like Bootsy Collins. But hey, his team, so he can run it as he sees fit (and yeah, I know that Whitmarsh is running the team these days).
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I've been a fan of McLaren since the Bruce and Denny Show of the late sixties. When the team merged with Ron Dennis' Project 4 (which explains the MP4 prefix in the names of their cars) it lost some of the personality. Nowadays, Dennis' aesthetic permeates everything they do. You can't imagine that they know what "fun" is.

And yet, on the fortieth anniversary of Bruce McLaren's death, they celebrated by firing up one of his massively mental Can Am cars on the forecourt of their pristine Technical Center. Jensen and Lewis went to the company's warehouse of old cars to find Ayrton Senna's MP4-4 (the most dominant F1 car in history, winning 15 of 16 races in 1988) and looked like school kids sitting in it. Or their unique preparations for the Singapore GP, the first night race in F1.

McLaren's people are very serious about their racing, but they also remember their history and can have fun with themselves as well. These toons poke fun at their history, their reputation, and you know they're willing to take the piss of themselves. Bravo.
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they have a car with a mirror finish parked outside

You mean like Justin Bieber's eco feel-good electric Fisker Karma? Yeah, that's annoying.

On a similar note, I'm continually amazed when I come up behind semis on the interstate with the same mirror finish on their back doors. Blinding when following at night, absolutely retina-searing when traveling in the opposite direction of the sunrise or sunset.
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Those McLaren cartoon should be terrible, because it's a corporate-sponsored advertisement for one of the more "boring" companies in F1. But I found them very funny (Mansell's moustache, anyone?) and charming.

I used to be a Williams fan in the Mansell days, but now I have to be a McLaren fan because I live very near to their factory. You do see a fair few orange caps around town.
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Mirror finish, though. The entire body.

Even more ridiculous than that is the current fashion for (Batman-inspired?) matte black finish. While it looks tolerable on an angular car like a Lamborghini or a Nissan GT-R, it's positively hideous on a more curvaceous one like a 911 (yes, of course it's Beckham's!). And a matte black Bentley or (good heavens!) Bugatti Veyron just scream "more money than sense" IMHO.

Anyway, when I see a matte black car, regardless of how well that finish matches the car, I always get the urge to purchase some chalk and start working on it...
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Matte paint is horrendous to keep up. You can't run it through a car wash, for one thing-hand washes only. And the stuff is a dust magnet.
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