Pencil vs Camera on Film
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Ben Heine [previously] has released a video of the process behind his wonderfully neat Pencil vs Camera artwork. [via]
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Not much process there. More slow-motion evolution. But it did lead me to this video by the same guy show before/after photoshopping. The variety in terms of...honesty? integrity?...there is interesting.
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I would say the video must be slightly deceptive, because of the way that the finished drawings match the perspective of the photos. It is made to look like he draws the pictures, and then holds them up in front of a scene. Much more likely, the photo is made first, and he is tracing the perspective when he makes the drawing, or at least when he makes the matching background parts of the drawing.
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Yeah, I didn't believe that "holding up the drawing" thing at all. It definitely looks like tracing after the fact. How's he going to hold and align everything perfectly by hand and eye? Not even a tripod? Very doubtful.
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Images AND music by Ben Heine? Hm. He should stick to images. But they are great images at that!
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Images AND music by Ben Heine? Hm. He should stick to images

Yes indeed. For the love of God, people, mute the video, MUTE THE VIDEO!!! AIEEEEEE!!!!
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