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I may have laughed a little out loud at this. Reminds me of how my father argues that he's ok with LGBT people having civil unions, but not marriage because "that's defined as between a man and a woman".
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relentless - and quite funny
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Man, the whole Betty Bowers youtube channel is a goldmine. I like her explanation of abortion too.
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Man, the whole Betty Bowers youtube channel is a goldmine. I like her explanation of abortion too.

A quote therefrom: "The Lord's wrath isn't exactly known for its pinpoint accuracy."
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I didn't realize she was a member of the Landover Baptist Church until I looked her up on Wikipedia.

She's a busy little bee, is our Betty.
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This was linked in-thread somewhere a couple of weeks or so back, but what the hell, it's funny and relevant.

I love that Landover Baptist is still ticking over. And still fooling people into thinking it's real, too. And then there's Christwire...
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She's so close to Jesus, they have joint-checking!
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This does need a Landover Baptist tag, it's not obvious from the page but she's been a feature on their webpage for a while. I'm pleasantly surprised that everyone here could immediately tell it's a joke. Actual fundie beliefs are so over-the-top that it's difficult to separate satire from reality.

Admission: I've not really thought about the Landover Baptist guys for while, to the extent that whenever the Westboro Baptist guys make the news I tend to confuse the two groups, and start out thinking the media has been elaborately trolled. I have to say I wish I lived in that universe.
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Landover Baptist was one of my first regularly visited websites, back in ye days when a blog was something you typed up in HTML in notepad and FTP'ed to your server whenever you updated. It makes me so very happy to see them still in action.
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I've always had a big cuddly soft spot for Landover Baptist since I was a wee little one new to the internet and angry with all sorts of things, but this is pretty lazy commentary. None of what she mentioned has any meaning to just about any extant variety of Christianity, and it is especially not relevant to the American Evangelicals being parodied. She never got around to covering the parts of the bible evangelicals are actually referencing when they say traditional marriage, being I guess insufficiently funny. Though I suppose instructions that are 2,500 years old are indeed that little bit extra traditional when compared to advice that is 1,950 years old, extant varieties of Christianity all pretty much exclusively adhere to the 'newer' Pauline model of marriage.
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No, Blasdelb. The fundies thump that Bible and quote the Old/Jewish part of the Bible whenever it suits their prejudice, selectively choosing from whichever place they like, and ignoring the fact that God so loved shrimp, he forbade them from being eaten (folks like to say God hates shrimp, but that makes no sense).

So it is perfectly fair to bring out the wildest marital arrangements found. The wilder, the more serious that WTF moment when you realize your "instinctual" belief in hetero monogamy is everything but instinctual. Hookers on permanent retainer are endorsed by the Bible itself. It's flatly and simply, true. The King/Poet/Priest did so himself, and he was Jesus' ancestor.
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Mr. Deity & The Marriage
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