Dreams are symbolic in order that they cannot be understood.
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Beautiful as the chance meeting of an umbrella and a sewing machine.
Gromyko Semper is a young Filipino artist whose influences are the Surrealists - Hommage to Cornell; The game Exquiste Corpse - Dreams that LittleZyrus Play and collaboration - Orchidoplasmic union.
Together with Hindu cosmologies - The Spectres of Kali with explanation and Kabbalistic spiritual cosmology - The Shedding of the Spectres of Qlipoth.
Here are his Galleries on Deviant Art with his woodcut series and from Surrealism Now and from Saatchi..
An interview featuring more of his work. (All images are magnifyable; there are possibly some repeats; some images possibly NSFW).
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Nice to know the kids are still listening to vintage Nurse With Wound. [Cover art NSFW]
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The pen-and-inks are especially striking.
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Thanks for this.
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A rare talent you can see his progress. I think this kid will be a good investment over time. Very good find adamvasco, thanks.
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That didn't work out so well for Lantie on Project Runway, though.
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