Fistful of Rupees
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TGS's Zelda / Western mash-up, FISTFUL OF RUPEES, is a three-part web miniseries starring TJ Smith, Lisa Foiles, and Rawn, with guest appearances by Dodger and Jesse Cox.
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This is great. I'm showing my girlfriend A Link to the Past for the first time (I play in chunks before bedtime while she watches) and it's giving me no small amount of amusement that she's giggling at the jokes.
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Read the title as "Fistful of Puppies".

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That was pretty good, definitely better than I expected. It reminds me how much low-budget film making has improved in the last few years.
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Also, The Real Texas is a game that describes itself as "an action adventure game that plays like a mashup of Zelda: Link to the Past and Ultima VI." Aside from that, there was a game released only in Japan called Gunman's Proof, which has since gotten fan patches for the ROM, that was basically Link to the Past in the Wild West... Gameplay Vid here.
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Navi continues to make me want to turn down the volume.
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It strikes me that this would actually be an entirely valid narrative path for the Zelda games to follow, mixing in genre/setting mashups to the classic gameplay and story elements. Nintendo has already played with this somewhat in "Wind Waker" (pirates/high seas adventure) and the ghost-town shootout sequence of "Twilight Princess" (spaghetti western), but it would be interesting to see them really play with the established mythology to see how far it can be stretched.

Since it's already been established that the Zelda series follows a multi-generational chronology (with each Link being a new incarnation of a legendary hero), a Zelda game set in a historically-derived genre other than "medieval fantasy" could breathe some new life into the formula.
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@mr_crash_davis: Read the title as "Fistful of Puppies"

I saw "Fistful of Herpes". I think I need new reading glasses and a cleaner mind.
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