Sara Lando - On Photographing People
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Picture a tiny Italian woman gesturing continuously as she uncorks a full brain dump (from a very, very creative mind) on all of the little things that many people never think of when photographing others.
"... the first time I had to photograph someone that wasn’t myself, I spent the night before puking, and it was half a disaster. Ten years later, these are the things I wish someone had told me back then."
Sara Lando's On Photographing People: Pt. 1, the first in her three-part series on photographing people on Strobist.
"There are few things I wouldn't do to get the photo I have in mind, but I've never accidentally killed anyone (yet)."
See more of Sara Lando's fascinating creative work and processes on her blog, papermoustache, and her graphic novel Magpies.
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Very cool!
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"Truth is, people don’t hate having their picture taken. People hate being tagged on Facebook in awful photos that everyone will see."

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I really like how much she stresses being respectful of the subject and how important that is in making them comfortable so that you can get better photos. I do not photograph well at all so when people start bringing out cameras, I cringe and hide - but yes, it's not so much over having the picture itself taken as it is the all-too-often "having no veto power" aspect - no! I look horrible! why would you share that picture?? - as well as the "having people be dismissive" aspect - don't make such a big deal, you look fine! don't be a drag! (and oh, if after you object they keep trying to get a shot when you're not paying attention which only makes you feel more awkward and uptight).

I do love the advent of the digital camera in that I can immediately see how bad I look and ask that the picture be deleted then and there, at least; and that I can take twenty pictures, tweaking each slightly, to get that one acceptable shot. So on the one hand, the constant expectation of picture-taking and picture-sharing at many events interferes with actually being able to enjoy the event itself, in the quest for (exaggerated) photographic proof to display & document that we're all having fun. But on the other hand, it sucked when you had no idea if the pictures would look okay or not until you got the prints back.
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I find it hilarious that she uses a pig mask for checking her lighting setup. :)

I also like how she does the collage pieces where she takes pictures, then puts the pictures in shadowbox type scenarios and then takes pictures of THAT.
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Part 2 is up.
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And Part 3.
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