19th Century Prostitution
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A Guide to Houses No Gentleman Would Frequent, and more artifacts of history and archaeology that shed some light on the largely-unwritten world of nineteenth-century prostitution in Boston, New York, Washington, DC, and Paris, among other locales. Lest it appear too amusingly salacious, the miserable side.
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Not an especially huge interest of mind, but I got curious prompted by the Mugshot Yourself post: who are those people, really? At one of the places I worked we had a small collection of artifacts unearthed in the local red-light district, a very well-documented one, as it happened. Similar to these: rouge pots (one shaped like a tall boot) and perfume bottles.
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The first link in 'miserable side' actually makes it sound like a pretty reasonable way to make a living if nothing else is available.
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Right round the corner from Pizzeria Regina. I had read that Beacon Hill was the red light district during the 1800s, but maybe this was a more genteel establishment.
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If nothing else is available, it's not a choice.
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Haven't read the links yet (on cell phone, sorry:-( ), but the post brings to mind some of the historical documents that author Ami McKay uses in her second novel, "The Virgin Cure" (which I highly recommend, and not just because McKay lives near me and I got to meet her when she gave a talk at my university and she's pretty cool).
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