a blend of sulfur and marshmallows
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Researchers in the Earth Sciences and Art departments at Syracuse University melt basalt and make their own lava flows for science and art! Here's the project's homepage, including videos. via make blog
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The interaction of the molten basalt with the ice is not what I was expecting. I would not have guessed that the two would make such neat formations together. Something as hot as lava mixing with something as cold as ice- I guess I was expecting an explosion or something.

Also, I just learned that rock wool insulation is spun from molten basalt:

"The manufacture of basalt fiber requires the melting of the quarried basalt rock at about 1,400 °C (2,550 °F). The molten rock is then extruded through small nozzles to produce continuous filaments of basalt fiber. "
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Fascinating idea! It's kind of an upgrade on those tables of sand you can run water down, in order to create miniature geologies.
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When I first read about it on the make blog, I had the momentary impression that they were making simulated lava by melting marshmallows with sulfur. I'm a little bit disappointed that it's not true, except melting real rocks is way better. I'm also daydreaming about a road trip to Syracuse in the winter.
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Here's the project's homepage, including videos.

Strictly speaking, that page features video's rather than videos.
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Ha, so it do's.
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I don't understand. Where's the vinegar and baking soda?
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Golly, this is quite nearby and I had no idea. Cool, thanks for posting this!

Basalt is freaky stuff. Rafting the Rogue River in Oregon one gets to check it out up close and personal, and dang, that stuff is both sharp and hard. The thought of melting it is intriguing.
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Where's the vinegar and baking soda?

60 gallons of vinegar + 100 lbs. baking soda = World's Largest Vinegar & Baking Soda Volcano (SLYT).
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