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A kangaroo and a lemur playing tag (or at the very least, chasing each other adorably). [slyt]
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Thanks quin for the first smiles and chuckles of the day. The people filming that have a website too, www.exoticexperience.net. Among the many things they do, sell horsehair jewelry. Horsehair jewelry? Who knew?

Your link prompted me to explore that YouTube channel, 4u2roos. The deer bends it like Bekham with the lemur and roo running interference.

The names of the characters involved.

Huh, the odd things one sees on the net first thing in the morning. A roo having fantasy sex | kangaroo sucks his toes with lemur pals | Deer gives lemur a bath | Deer gets tag teamed by lemurs.

Just so much fun there!
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At :43, when the lemur pops straight up, I SQEEEd. At work.
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The kangaroo is totally going "mom, he's BOTHERING me!!!"

Dig that crazy play house they got. All my kid has is a cardboard box.
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I was going to post this myself, but I might leave it here.
Two hamsters, one wheel.
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I like the way the kangaroo keeps stopping and looking at the camera with pleading eyes. It's like it has been thrown into a suburban-decorated arena and forced into gladiatorial combat with a lemur who still dreams of making it big and getting to Rome and a deer who has given up all hope.

Chilling. Chilling and adorable, but chilling.
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And it just happens the whole menagerie is right down the road from me in Orlando!
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I note that the export of lemurs from Madagascar and wallabies from Australia are both illegal. These are protected animals that probably shouldn't be in some private zoo run by people with probably little to no training.
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That muntjac looks like it wants nothing to do with either of them.
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Yeah, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is not AZA accredited.
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Was that Joey the Lemur?
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A private zoo? That's someone's back yard. And not a very big one.
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"Being chased by a kangaroo isn't normal- but on fermented baobab fruit it is. Fermented baobab fruit: NOT EVEN ONCE"


"Using this kangaroo and this lemur, I will demonstrate the tactical advantage provided by the Spitfire's narrower turn radius, compared to the Me109 and similar German fighters of the same period."


Your Arms Too Short To Box With Lemur
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The ring-tailed lemur is not having any of this nonsense! (also, this makes me sad, these animals shouldn't be living in someone's back yard.)
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How to catch a kangaroo
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