Crossing streams in the '80s
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What do the '80s, Michael Jackson, The Greg Kihn Band and Orcs have a in common? A video.
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Because they are Italian?
posted by Cosine at 3:41 PM on September 3, 2012

Is the answer Ghostbusters 2?
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But seriously, this is amazing. It's like finding the missing transitional species between KISS and Lordi, and discovering that they also apparently invented the modern pop music mash-up.
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This is...well...I mean...obviously...this is...well...I
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They don't write 'em like that anymore.
No they don't.
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It somehow reminded me of this.
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Some interesting early Shane MacGowan there.
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various, you are so right. Everything was first done on The Gong Show.

Except The Gong Show itself; Chuck Barris admitted stealing the idea from an L.A. Radio Personality I worked for, then offering him the job of hosting it - good thing he declined the offer; a competent host would've ruined the show.
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Those are Yeti and they are plying their craft in a way that you Pinks are merely seeing a shadow of the interference patterns created by their true performance. The costumes are merely to throw the Illuminati off.
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Shadowrun: The Music Video
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I listened to the Floyd/Parsons mashup first and thought wait, that just sounds like the original. Yes, for sure, I remember hearing this exact same song before. 'Cept it was the 80s and there were a lot of drugs. Um, so maybe not.
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Greg Kihn's mother lived in the Baltimore rowhouse next door to my grandmother. As a result, I have a lot of Greg Kihn records and other obscure Kihnorabilia.

Apropos of nothing, of course.

I'll be sharing this video extra hard.
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Needs moar KLF.
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Of course, Greg Kihn is also famous (or should I say, not famous) as one of the earliest victims of the Weird Al Effect.
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In the late sixties, before he moved to LA, Greg Kihn was a modestly big deal in Baltimore. He was no John Waters, but who is? Greg played acoustic 12-string and cultivated a sensitive singer-songwriter image. Nevertheless, and despite himself, he was always a better rocker than folkie.

A friend of mine, as Orange Juice Jake, fronted one of Greg’s bands when they pissed on their shot at the local big time with The Buddy Deane Show, Baltimore’s version of American Bandstand with Dick Clark. The show aired live, and it featured cool teens dancing to the hits in tight skirts and pants with slicked back hair and floofy bouffants . John Waters did a spot on parody of the thing, as The Corny Collins Show, in Hairspray

After they finished their song Buddy Deane tried to launch the obligatory interview. Buddy walked over, the applause died down and Jake said, “This is for all you people out there in TV land.” Then they all gave the finger. That was the heroic last stand of Orange Juice Jake and The Jug Band. Not long after, under pressure to desegregate, Buddy Deane gave up the show rather than let Black kids share the stage with White kids.
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I am so glad this was posted, as I am in a D&D thread where the topic of Orc Bards has just come up.
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Wait. Am I supposed to experience this on shrooms, LSD, weed, or Benadryl?
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