October 31, 2001
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candy for the eyes, ears, and brain. Although the documentary was shown at SXSW(and other locations) earlier this year, i haven't seen much reference to it. profiles william gibson and his mind's view of what he envisioned as 'cyberspace.' be sure to click the 'don't click' link for an interactive map that details some of the obscure points of the film.

and for those that already seen it, go get yourself some spooky, personalized M&Ms candy!
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colorworks.com is down due to a bad domain server(in the UK, i think). when it is back up, you will find that you can order special color M&Ms. think light blue, purple, black, etc. by the ½-pound. they even have special seasonal mixes.
posted by donkeysuck at 1:43 PM on October 31, 2001

Special color? Bah, I was hoping I could get some M&Ms with Zs on them. :P
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Oh sweet! Scan them into a pallette then use Photoshop to rasterize to M&M's!
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I expect still the I gave in which be able customize the price... of another way I followed austere
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