I'm as high as a Georgia pine.
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The Long, Strange Trip of Dock Ellis. ESPN's Outside the Lines has created a digital reading experience worthy of its subject matter.

An inspiration for Barbara Manning, a collaborator with US Poet Laureate Donald Hall, Dock Ellis was best known for pitching a June 12, 1970 no-hitter while under the influence of LSD.

Despite having a long professional baseball career, Ellis struggled with addiction and later devoted his life to drug counseling. He died in 2008.

(Bonus: Amazing animated dramatization.)

Previously on the blue.
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I think I learned of his no-hitter from this everything2 node.
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This is awesome and the first time I've seen a layout like this actually work. I can't wait to get home and read it.

Meanwhile, this'll save me an Ask question: does anyone have an idea as to how to get a recording of that game?

Oh! And a Kickstarter to make a documentary about it was also funded with $38K.
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My favorite Dock Ellis tribute, courtesy of Mr. Todd Snider.

"His sinker looked like it was fallin' off a table,
But nobody was hallucinatin' that."
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This is cool and clearly ESPN's graphic designers have been scoping out (or been hired out of) EEphus League Magazine.
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Nice! Usually when people try to be innovative with layouts it doesn't turn out this well. The two sides scrolling at different rates, the embedded video, and the across-the-page sections use the capabilities of a screen well, so that it isn't just a magazine copied into a digital format.

I look forward to reading it.
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Eephus on the blue. Which credits Edits Quarterly for the style.

All of which would be better on LSD, just like Twitter.
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Really really impressive layout. The Dock Ellis story is such an interesting one too. Two thumbs up (and I haven't even read it yet).
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That was outstanding. The Dock Ellis story is not new to me, but this was well written and had lots of new information. The layout was interesting and really added to the content. Thanks for sharing 8)
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I, uh. I want to make a 'zine for the first time since my teenage years now. Because I feel like I'm wasting my time as a web developer if I'm not making things like that, where you just use the best technology for the best design, and say "screw supporting old browsers, they don't get to come along this time."
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I always hate attempts at clever web layouts, but this one is beautiful. This is how it should be done.
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I don't know how I managed to make it through a baseball-obsessed childhood without knowing of Dock Ellis. Thank you for this.
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He's also the subject of a sure-to-be-awesome documentary, which I backed on Kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iconoclasts/no-no-a-dockumentary-about-dock-ellis
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@griphus: According to the Kickstarter guys making the movie (which I saw you posted about after I scrolled to the bottom and posted about it), there is no existing video of the game.

Also, this. This is so great: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vUhSYLRw14
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last uh Saturday nite at Safeco, A's at M's, I saw a middleaged guy in the good seats wearing a black A's jersey numbered 14 and blazoned Ellis. I liked that.
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Amused at that little mention of Timothy Leary playing softball while tripping. Not really as hard as it sounds, just sayin. Dock Ellis was amazing.
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playing softball while tripping. Not really as hard as it sounds, just sayin.

You must not be getting good shit.
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