Atomic Rockets
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Atomic Rockets is chock full of stuff to tickle the imagination of anyone who has enjoyed science fiction accounts of space travel. You can move your cursor over the "Show topic list" button in the top right corner of the page and start exploring.
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Now to get This Place Has No Atmosphere in there. YA represent!
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More than just a double, but perhaps worth linking to again?

Also, MeFi's own.
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Worth linking to again just for there is no stealth in space article.
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One of my absolute favorite sites! I bookmarked this years ago and still come back to it.
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On the other hand, the concept of atomic rockets isn't farfetched - or even in the future. No, NASA is no longer thinking about exploding bombs behind a rocket for propulsion, but several probes (including Curiosity, now on Mars, are powered by plutonium. And as I recall NASA has also already tested an atomic particle emitting mini-rocket to test the concept of an extremely slowly - but perpetually - accelerating rocket that could reach other star systems far more quickly than any other source of propulsion.
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Indeed, it is an unsolved problem in physics to build a rocket without using atoms.
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Ah, more than just a double, but I'm not complaining. ;)
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