One good things about photographs
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David Corio has been photographing musicians since 1978. His website is a treasure trove of portraits, featuring some actors and comedians but mainly reggae, soul, hip hop, punk & rock artists, in concert, in the studio or in the street, including some you may have seen before. His work has featured in newspapers, magazines, on record sleeves and even in a judge's legal opinion. Plus megaliths!
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There was a big lake right in front of the stage, so photographers had to stand 50 yards away. I remember Joe Jackson performing there once. Someone found a dead duck and threw it at him. It hit him in the chest and he just walked off, understandably. After a few shots, I hadn't got anything, so I put a camera and film in a carrier bag, and just waded in. It was chest-deep. [...] I went home on the tube covered in green slime and stinking of old pondlife.

He must be talking about this gig.
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Corio prefers black & white film photography, noting: "With color, and especially with digital, you just press a button. It’s a shame I think. Now people just use their phones and leave them on a computer and forget about them."

Sadly true. Great work Mr. Corio! Thanks, criticalbill.
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