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Allen Ginsberg's four box set "Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems & Songs 1949-1993" is a collection of released and unreleased recordings. Eight poems are free on Soundcloud. More Ginsberg, including Howl, "What Would You Do If You Lost It?" and with Paul McCartney. Previously
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I miss Allen and wish he were still alive. Loved listening to those. Thank you.
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"What Would You Do If You Lost It?" yt and with Paul McCartney

I'm not a fan of beat poets, and I really hated that stupid Skeleton thing that was a novelty hit way back when, but my life has been poorer for not knowing that existed.
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CIA Dope Calypso
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I recently discovered a studio recording of the only Alan Ginsberg performance I ever attended. So here it is on YouTube:

The Gluons with Alan Ginsberg - Birdbrain

So picture this. About 1980 in Denver, live in concert, Magazine on their Correct Use of Soap tour. Opening act, local punk band The Gluons with special guest Alan Ginsberg.
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Weird. I have, sitting on my bookshelf right now, Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems and Songs 1949-1993. Published in 1994 by Rhino World Beat. It's a single box, four-disc set. Is this just a reissue? I don't see that mentioned in the article.
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Yes, it's a reissue. Part of a comprehensive reissue program that will include unreleased tracks, one of which is sitting on my hard drive [grin].
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Eighteen years after its initial release by Rhino Records, Allen Ginsberg’s
4-CD boxed-set Holy Soul Jelly Roll: Poems And Songs 1949-1993, is
finally getting a proper, updated, digital-reissue, via the newly-formed Ginsberg Recordings.
This is the first original digitally remastered release. Marketing is everything.
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"Birdbrain" = stupid. A dated rant of atrocities committed by the Man. Predictable stream of consciousness from an aging hipster. Howl was fresh, a masterpiece. Birdbrain is life imitating art.
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Did you not understand this was a punk rock concert? Fuck art.
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