"Cope," Contemptuously Counsels the Carnivore.
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Alphabet Horror Vacui is a satire of children's alphabet books utilizing unnerving themes such as nightmares, war, monsters, institutionalized ignorance, and willful ambivalence to human suffering in lieu of familiar alphabet scenes of busy city streets, animals amongst nature, and happy fanciful scenes. Each piece takes a slightly different tack with Marsh's self-imposed assignment, and while some of them are funny in an almost Edward Gorey way, others worm their way into your brain. (via io9)

See also:
The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey.
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Nate's work is delightful (as is Nate himself). I'm happy to see that he's getting some love from io9 and here.
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*Bastard Badgers + Butt Biting Barracudas*
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Love-b is my favorite.
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When unable to find an appropriate word starting with K, he didn't go all kute, kreating new ortography, but wrote caboose and contraband. I respect that.
(Prints are available, lovely!)
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These are awesome!
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TGT by Gorey will always be a personal favourite. Especially Neville.
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