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Narratively is "devoted exclusively to sharing New York’s untold stories—the rich, intricate narratives that get at the heart of what this city’s all about." The site, launched in September, presents one long-form piece of journalism, sometimes text, sometimes video, sometimes a photo essay, sometimes audio.
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I assume the owners don't expect to make a lot of money.
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I like it. It is awfully PBS but it is nice that they are focusing on good things for the most part, they aren't "check how gritty this shit is" like a lot of writing about New York.
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A similar project - City of Memory [previously on the blue].
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Thanks. I'm part of a consortium of public radio producers here in L.A., I've sent this on to them for perusal.
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My first thought was, There are places with a lot more untold stories than New York, seeing as it's one of the most over-told places in the world.
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But we have over 8 million stories! We have 12 times the stories Seattle has. Almost 3 time the stories Chicago or Los Angeles has. On the other hand we only have half the stories Shanghai has. You know, Shanghai sounds pretty cool, anyone got any untold stories?
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This is great. New York doesn't get nearly enough attention in the media. That's the big city near New Jersey, right? I think I've heard of it a few times.
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More of this, please. I don't care if it's about an "over-exposed" city like New York or about East Bumfuck, this stuff is always fascinating.
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New York... New York... That's the thing they opened up after all those Algonquins left, right?
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If you tell the untold stories of Shanghai you get a special visit.
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