The Maker
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The Maker. A gorgeous short stop-motion animation about a creature who has only one important mission (SLYT)

Find the animator at this website. (Might remind you just a little of Ladyhawke)
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Very nice.

I enjoyed their film Zero as well.
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Gorgeous, but I really wish they'd come up with a better twist ending - I guessed what was going to happen when the hourglass ran out on something like the second shot of it.
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My thought process...

1) He's making a fuck-bunny-doll
2) Oh - it's gonna be like frankenstein
3) Poor bunny she's just laying there.
4) He IS making a fuckbunny doll.
5) Oh, music, of COURSE!
7) Oh duh, the cycle is going to repeat.
8) She's going to make a malefuckbunnydoll... etc. etc. etc.
Post Viewing: Why the fuck did it never occur to any of them in the god knows how many generations this has been happening to smash the hourglass and be done with it all.
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Or they could just refuse to "procreate" and end the line with their own death - why was it necessary to produce and bring the pain of being and existence to another poor tortured fabric bunny soul?
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You jaded, horrible little troglodytes have no soul. That was brutal.
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It's got nothing to do with whether you knew where it was going. It's got everything to do with whether you wanted it to get there. Because for just a single moment they were finally together again.

Consider my heart-strings plucked.
Also, I think I will refrain from decoding the barely masked English alphabet to read what it actually says in the book.

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The teeth killed all empathy for me.
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Isn't it an allegory for all of life?

Why does a tree exist? To create new seeds, which become new trees. Isn't that it?
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As a middle-aged parent of a teenager, this resonated with me. Thanks for adding to the angst by directing my attention toward this. It's a pretty-looking and apt analogy.
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Man, it's got to be super-tedious to stop motion animate an hourglass. If only there were an easier way...
On the other hand, I loved the eyes and teeth
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A big jumping spider once looked at me with eyes like that.
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That was excellent. Thanks, Queen of Spreadable Fats.
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Agreed with Suddenly, elf ass. That ending had a hell of kick.
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It reminded me of those cartoons I saw on Sunday a.m. growing up, the ones that were very primitive but I watched anyway because they were cartoons, and never laughed, and finally realized I was being preached to in a horrifically heavyhanded way.
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Hooray! I've wanted to post this for ages, but I know the person who designed the dolls, so it didn't feel right to make the post myself. I'm so glad to see this film getting more attention - it's beautiful and heartbreaking.

If anyone is curious to learn more about the artist who made the dolls, here are her blog, tumblr, and website. She also makes bath products, though the shop is on hiatus right now.
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Loved this! Very cool creatures, including the teeth.
Was gonna post it but only missed it by 12 days haha.
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The teeth killed all empathy for me.

This is why is took the US so long to join Britain in two World Wars.

I'm joking, you didn't have freakish marble tombstone teeth back then.
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