Ephemeral New York
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Ephemeral New York 'chronicles an ever-changing, constantly reinvented city through photos, newspaper archives, and other scraps and artifacts that have been edged into New York’s collective remainder bin.'

You can browse by category on the right. Notable:

* Cool Building Names
* Out-of-Date Guidebooks
* Random Signage
* Sketchy Hotels
* Disasters and Crimes
* Urban Beauty
* War Memorials
* Houses of Worship
* New York Street
* Old Print Ads
* Music, Art, Theater
* Queens
* Transit

Pages from Ephemeral New York have been linked in some fantastic posts, previously on MetaFilter.
posted by zarq (5 comments total) 24 users marked this as a favorite
Fascinating reading, thank you.
posted by TWinbrook8 at 6:55 AM on October 11, 2012

Very nicely done, photos, text, links. Thank you for bringing this to us.
posted by mareli at 7:43 AM on October 11, 2012 [1 favorite]

This is a really nice complement to the historical New York photoblogs that focus only on buildings and infrastructure, like Forgotten NY. Good post!
posted by scratch at 7:45 AM on October 11, 2012

God I love stuff like this, especially about New York. Great post!
posted by grubi at 7:54 AM on October 11, 2012

Good stuff
posted by Pruitt-Igoe at 2:11 PM on October 11, 2012

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