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Jonathan Strahan’s acclaimed Eclipse series of anthologies is coming to the web as Eclipse Online. The first story is The Contrary Gardener by Christopher Rowe, from Eclipse One.
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Oh, fun! The Eclipse series has been uneven at times, but overall fascinating. Good variety and a lot of standout stories. Thanks!
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Podcasts seem to be filling in a lot of role that SF anthologies used to occupy, for me at least, but they aren't for everyone. Solaris are still doing good work printwise but Eclipse is going to leave a bit of a gap.
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This post is wildly different when you misread it as being about Jason Statham.
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Heh. I'd totally be up for a series of Statham movies based on semi-obscure thought provoking SF stories, most of which gain a lot of fight scenes and explosions in the adaptation.

And out of nowhere it occurs to me he should totally be in Use of Weapons: The Movie.
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Eclipse was successful. We published four volumes of the series, all to great critical acclaim, and some to a little controversy. I'm incredibly proud of each and every story we published, but when the time came to assemble Eclipse Five it became clear times had changed, and we needed to change with them.
So the buried lede here is that Eclipse is ceasing book publication. As a book collector (and follower of the series), this makes me sad.
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