Election 2012: Jocks v Nerds
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The American Family Association, sponsors of the major Values Voters Summit, are advising parents to keep their kids home from school on Mix It Up at Lunch Day, an anti-bullying initiative, due to gays
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This post was deleted for the following reason: "Homophobic group is homophobic" isn't really going to go anywhere but "look at those assholes." -- restless_nomad

Okay, those guys have made some missteps in recent years, but come on--Mighty Mouse was totally sniffing coke!
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...which will go a long way towards making it a day free of bullying. Thanks, guys!
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I hope schools decide that anyone kept home that day without a doctor's note will not be allowed to make up work assigned on that day in classes, and that teachers everywhere do pop quizzes heavily weighted for deciding final quarter grades.
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The far right is becoming more and more paranoid.
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But this year, the American Family Association, a conservative evangelical group cell of religious zealots who hate you for your freedom
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