Athens photos and history.
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A 280-page history of Athens (en) with a focus on architecture and planning. 1930s buildings of Athens photothread with multiple pages (selection). Athens Highrises (en). Ambelokipi. Piraeus and more Piraeus. Bits and bobs. The Athens forum.
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No mention of REM, B-52's or Pylon?

Epic fail.
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I was kind of hoping for 1930's photos of 1930's buildings. That said, it really is incredible how disgusting Athens and Pireaus looks in photographs, compared to other European cities. I guess you have to be from there to love it. That said, thanks for this!
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Very nice; I was especially pleased to see that he describes Ottoman rule evenhandedly, without the rote outrage that once would have been mandatory. Great maps, too.
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The Venetians were by no means reconciled to Ottoman control over the Aegean.

Nicely put!

Among recent outrages, see the arson attack on the Attikon theatre. If anyone has an update on the matter, those responsible for it, I would be interested to know.
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It's ugly in photos, but quite charming somehow. I don't really get what he is writing about high-rises. Does he want more of them? That would be a catastrophe!
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BWA, the next-day report found that the hall was destroyed but the cinema rooms themselves were mostly intact. The owners wanted to restore the cinema, but according to friends the building remains damaged and I don't see it in cinema listings.

It played the first talkie in Greece, it was occupied for the use of Axis soldiers during WW2, and it was the cornerstone of one of the most exciting film festivals in Greece. It was a beauty. Attikon and Apollon, in the same building, were among my favourite cinemas.
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Yes, Attikon hasn't reopened yet - there's an annual film festival that used to be held there on September, this year's reports mention the fact that they had to move.
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it really is incredible how disgusting Athens and Pireaus looks in photographs, compared to other European cities

It's funny -- I never think of Athens that way, though the argument can obviously be made. What struck me more when I visited the city for several days in 2008 was how much cleaner and enjoyable it was than what I had been led to expect by friends who had travelled there before me. These photos show many parts of the city that I have not yet been in, but they bring back fond memories.
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buh. I didn't have a chance to comment on this earlier. Like most huge cities, Athens is all about the neighborhoods. I don't necessarily like the neighborhoods that are supposed to be the acknowledged chi-chi Athens neighborhoods, but I love my little tucked away neighborhood in the centre of the city. From the site, some of it is shown on this page (look for the post by "asot" that begins with "The Mets" – there doesn't seem to be a way to link directly), though those are not really the most flattering pics of this area. All those shots are very close to my house; several of them are direct neighbors of mine. Because of several geographical and civic features, our neighborhood is more like a small, tranquil island village with tiny winding streets (you literally cannot negotiate a delivery van onto our street), citrus trees, '30s era homes, and patio, courtyard and balcony gardens.

I really need to take some good photos of this neighborhood, but it's hard to both work the camera and walk the dog on a leash!
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Incidentally, Μετς should be probably transliterated in English as Metz after the city in Lorraine. Apparently, the area was named after an old building, named by a family of Bavarian brewers, that served as a beer hall. Did you ever notice guided tours in the area, taz? I've a couple of them these past years.
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I've never seen that! I also read a slightly different thing about the name Mets/Metz, but I don't quite remember what it was. I'll update if the neurons spark.
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I've never seen that

Sorry; unclear! Never seen a tour around here, is what I mean.
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Yeah! I noticed a small group of people with a guide (the first guide was American and the second French, I think, but I don't remember clearly) on two separate occasions. One was near M. Mousourou and the other near Plastira.

Do update if you remember. The greek wikipedia article also has a bit on the etymology.
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(thanks ersatz and Dr. D.)
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