"how unprofessional can it really be?"
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Way to ruin the end of a war, Metafilter.
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I saw that revelation about the photo last week. Can't say I'm surprised. I always thought it looked like a mighty uncomfortable position for the woman.
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(Or, what folks said in the previous thread, that I missed at the time.)
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Iconic kissing sailor photo depicts sexual assault, not romance

Did you look at the last photo in the self-portrait link? He's doing the exact same kiss himself earlier in the day, and it makes one wonder how consensual that kiss was, too.
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To get this thread back on track: He looks like he's having a lot of fun in all these pictures. Reminds me of Twoflower in the Discworld books. A short little guy traveling the world and taking pictures. He even has a camera-around-the-neck touristy look
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It's a bit weird when he and his subject are wearing matching outfits, although I note that he did not try to dress like Jackie Kennedy, which was probably a wise idea, given that her noted fashion sense would be hard to match.
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Mod note: Folks there is another thread where the sexual assault angle is discussed in detail, please do not make this thread into that thread.
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He's doing the exact same kiss himself earlier in the day, and it makes one wonder how consensual that kiss was, too.

I'm wondering if he talked that sailor into it; it wouldn't be the first time an iconic photo has come about because of some chicanery on the photographer's part ahead of time.
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Seeing the photographer with these famous subjects totally ruins his work for me. His best images are such great portraiture, his images feel like they are true pictures of the subject, candids that are also beautifully lit and set. Seeing him ham it up by inserting himself is really disturbing, destroys the illusion of the invisible photographer. It's even worse in that he's not hamming it up; the image of him standing behind Kennedy raptly looking on while Kennedy signs something, for instance. Suddenly his work seems so staged.

Eisenstaedt was smart not to publish these.
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Self portrait link pictures:
A. Delightful tongue in cheek poking fun at himself?
B. Horribly egocentric?
C. A little bit of both?

I honestly can't decide without having known the man, but I like to think it's A.
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These were charming and delightful and make me love Eisie even more.

I agree with Nelson's assessment of Eisenstadt's portraiture, but disagree with his take on these images. I love the injection of the human, the everyman, in the shape of Eisenstadt himself, into images of these larger-than-life people. Also, there is clear affection between subject and photographer in enough to suggest that the always-appropriately-dressed Eisenstadt really worked with his subjects, thus his insightful portraiture.

As a person who rarely appears in photographs but is often taking them, I applaud Eisie's little moments of vanity. They give an extra dimension to the other subjects, and remind us that behind every great photograph is a human being tripping the shutter.
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