Why yes, I would like to volunteer as the tax man
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For most of this year the Government of Canada, referred to now as The Harper Government, has been cutting jobs across the public sector. Reactions to these cuts were... mixed. Services affected range from forest rangers to revenue service employees and everything in between. Thought to be untenable (warning, wonkish policy PDF) in the long term, The Harper Government has unveiled a brilliant new plan...

... to fill those positions with 20,000 full time volunteers. Specifically, they're banking on the elderly, the recently graduated, and the bored to fill these roles.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: hoax post, at poster's request -- mathowie

Warning: strangely unfunny CBC comedy-like product in below-the-fold links.
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This is That is a weird CBC satire program that basically thinks it's hilarious to report fake stories that seem like they are real between actual news reporting. Sorry!
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Ouch, so I just got pranked by my roommates then. please delete before I die of embarassment.
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"Bruce Madreen" seemed too enthusiastic, didn't he?
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Yeah. I'm not sure if the FPP holds up in light of the fact that This is That is satire and the story in the below the fold portion.
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