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Initiate salutation cascade, star-citizens! Seven years ago tonight, Stephen Colbert introduced Tek Jansen to the world. Originally a one-off parody of vanity fiction by media blowhards, the "super-awesome spectacular ultraspy" became the center of a small universe of comics, cartoons, and books, his exploits satirizing awful pulp sci-fi, rampant Mary Sue "Marty Sue" syndrome, and the cheesy melodrama of 1970s Hanna-Barbera. Look inside for US/Canadian links to both animated seasons along with other content available on the web.

Full Theme Song

(Most episodes are available in Canada via The Comedy Network)

Season 1 by J.J. Sedelmaier
Operation: Heart of the Phoenix - Dead or Alive
Tek confronts the evil Abraxxia (Amy Sedaris)
Operation: Destiny's Underbelly: Entrapped! (might be broken atm)
Sidekicks Kevin and Jenny save Tek from certain doom, but at a terrible price
Operation: Aurora Strikes Midnight: Courage's Arrival
Guest George Lucas is teased with a dull, painstakingly detailed short about docking at Space Station Theta-Zeus-Aquarius
Operation: Homecoming's Doorstep: Cat On A Luniharp
This hospital ship is no match for a Bizlarmian Battlewedge... or is it?
Hounds of Hell: Ragtime Billy Peaches
Teleported to the Combatosphere, Tek must grapple with armed guards, angry bees, open-heart surgery, and a very pregnant woman from the future
Operation: Dragontongue: Chocolate Blades Of Thunder
A series of Teks from further and further in the future interfere with each other's attempts to save a lost prince
Season 2 by FlickerLab, which recounts the show's origin story
Beginning's First Dawn: Episode One

Beginning's First Dawn: Episode Two

Beginning's First Dawn: Episode Three
The series is also elaborated in a graphic novel line by Oni Press, and the original pulp novel serialized on the official site, which includes a wiki glossary of the increasingly outlandish terminology.
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(Confidential to Viacom: If you're going to nuke all the fan-uploaded videos that collected all episodes together in a convenient, globally-accessible place, it would be nice if you ensured your crappy sites were not unreliable and riddled with viruses.)
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Rhaomi: "(Confidential to Viacom: If you're...."

Umm, I think you sent that to everyone by mistake. Now stop mucking about with the confidential files and get back to your job making awesome FPP's.
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From one of the links: Once upon a time, Mary Sues were noticed and hated to a much greater degree than Marty Stus.

Is this within fanfic communities or what? I'm trying to imagine an adolescent me writing fanfic about Beef Hardpec, a no nonsense ubermenchy kind of hero who is essentially my head grafted onto Arnold Schwarzenegger's body and this coming to light among my real life acquaintances, and then NOT getting mocked so hard that I literally self-combust and just cannot see it playing out that way.
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