Meeting Steve Ditko
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"I’ve since discovered that dropping in on Steve Ditko unannounced is a pretty common practice. That does’t make me feel any better. I felt gross for having invaded someone’s privacy – there is zero excuse – but the fact that people do this as a sort of known event is even worse. I haven’t pulled that on Ditko since and I never will, but I suppose we’re all free to disrupt the man just to satiate our curiosity, or “just cuz”, as if he were a landmark attraction and not a person." -- On Ditko's eightyfifth birthday, cartoonist Michael Fiffe talks about Steve Ditko, the influence Ditko has had on his own comics and the incredibly gracious way in which he corresponded with him as a young clueless fan.
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Mr. A wouldn't tolerate uninvited guests. Because it's WRONG.
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Michael Fiffe is an amazing cartoonist and a charming man.
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/does Spider-man/Dr Strange hand-signs.
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Great find. Thanks for posting.
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Relatedly, Comics Should Be Good polled its readers for 2012's Top 100 comic book runs, and Ditko shows up twice:
74. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Doctor Strange
6. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Amazing Spider-Man.
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