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Biological physicist Gabor Forgacs normally works on the “printing” of new organs for use in clinical trials, however, his technology could also be used to bioprint meat. In the first demonstration of its kind, Forgacs heats and eats a tasty morsel on stage. sltv
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I look forward to ordering a Makerbot with sausage feedstock so I can finally make a 3D projection of a meat hypercube.
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How soon until I can get tea, early grey, hot?! Or just a nice cup of tea.
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That man looks so quintessentially Hungarian that I must assume he is already routinely using this technology to print synthetic hurka.
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You know every molecular gastronomy chef in the country is calling him right now.
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He ate Blobby!!!
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Man, you just know the meat printer industry is going to so totally gouge us on meat refills. Sure, that meat printer only costs $40, but they come with the meat tank only partially filled, and if you print more than a few steaks a week you're going to run out in no time. Stores love it because the meat refills are easy to stock and have such high profit margins. And why should liquid meat concentrate cost more per ounce than most precious metals, when mass-produced factory farmed meat can be had for a few dollars a pound? And don't even get me started on the models that force you to refill the pork tank at the same time as the beef tank and the chicken tank. I haven't printed any chicken in months, and yet I'm forced to buy more for some reason. And that's not to mention the embedded DRM chips that prevent me from using less expensive generic pork stock, no, it's got to be the name brand pork that costs more than the whole printer. Whatever you do, don't watch one of those videos where they take apart a meat printer to reveal the meat overspray absorber pad. It's the grossest thing in the world, and a major source of wasted meat.
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