The Real Aryans
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The Real Aryans

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Um what?
posted by Brocktoon at 10:59 PM on November 5, 2012 [1 favorite]

FYI the term "aryan" is pretty much a made up "race" for Western white people.
posted by Brocktoon at 11:00 PM on November 5, 2012

Short, but pointless.
posted by lipsum at 11:00 PM on November 5, 2012

what are those irish kids doing in pakistan?
posted by facetious at 11:01 PM on November 5, 2012

Yuck. Really bad fucking post. Especially for a SLYT. Please delete.
posted by Arthur Phillips Jones Jr at 11:02 PM on November 5, 2012

Whoever made that video really likes finding pictures of attractive people with pale skin and blue eyes. They also found it worthwhile to mention the symbol of the swastika and not mention the Nazis. I figure they are either looking to

- rehabilitate the concept of Aryanism (which is the worst possibility)
- be able to smugly say to the viewer "You were thinking of Nazis, but I never mentioned them, so you are the one who is a bigot", which expects people to forget the dozens of millions of people who died because of the Nazis and their use of the concept of Aryanism.

Either way, it all feels a little icky, and I wonder why you bothered to post it.
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I'm sorry folks, I messed up and now I can't seem to post the deletion reason. It's early here! :)

For posterity:

I understand how this is a well-intended commentary on the origin of the word "Aryan", but it is likely to rub folks the wrong way without any context. It's a very loaded word and I'm sure you're aware of the historical baggage lent to it by Nazi doctrine. Maybe try this again with a little bit more balance and/or background explaining the word's original, non-Nazi meaning? It's an interesting topic but needs to be treated with kid gloves here, sorry.
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