Obsessing over the election is one thing, but this is something else again!
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C'mon over to Lucky's Amazing Sports Lists and kill a little time. The front page is impressive enough, but how about a list of all American football field goals in excess of 60 yards (including a long list in 6 pt type of all female place kickers in American football)? Looking for more focus? How about this page detailing the career of Dave Myers, the 1929 quarterback for the NYU team, who was Black. Basketball more your thing? Check out the history of the Gruman Aircraft Company pro teams, integrated in the 1940s! Or you could just peruse the list of basketball players who have scored 100 points in a single game. The design is crude, but there is far too much information to do justice to in a short post. (Via Stephan Fatsis on the Oct. 29 Hang Up and Listen sports podcast.)
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This is the site that helped Biff strike it rich in Back To The Future II.
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Basketball Players who have scored 100 Points in one game/Turkey Professional Basketball/Istanbul League

110 pts. Hüdai Budaner, Beþiktaþ Ýstanbul (W 110-56) Ýstanbul Karagücü, 3/16/1957

This guy scored ALL of his teams' 110 points. What a ball hog.
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Some great info on these pages (if you don't go blind trying to find it...).

But this factoid is far and away my favorite.
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Oh man, that color scheme looks just as random as those lists.

Well, now that the election is over, I guess I can start getting back into the NBA. And the NHL too, if they ever feel like coming back.
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