"Things that were once completely normal now seem totally surreal."
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Innovative and extraordinarily talented British animator Run Wrake is perhaps best known for the short films Rabbit (previously, details) and The Control Master (previously). Run passed away suddenly just a few weeks ago, less than a year after having been diagnosed with cancer. He was 47. Here is an interview with Run from APEngine.

There are tributes to the artist's work on Cartoon Brew, Skwigly, Curtis Brown, and Animation World Network. You can find more work on Run's YouTube and Vimeo accounts.

One of Run's final works was Down With The Dawn (one of many collaborations with musician Howie B.), inspired in part by the tests that resulted in his cancer diagnosis.
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One of the most original animators I've come across. Discovered him on the green here, too.
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Rabbit was one of my all-time favorite strange videos to inflict on someone. Best YouTube comment I saw was something along the lines of "I think I need to pray now."

Now if I could only find that animation of the unicorn orgy out in the forest, with the strap-on horns and whatnot
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Boy did I catch shit for that original post. Ah, Metafilter in the pre-SLYT days...
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...and I didn't even finish reading the post. Goddammit.

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. period
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What the hell. Rabbit is transcendent. It's sitting somewhere on my shelves, between the Simpsons box sets and other disposable crap. I'm going to take it out and watch it. Thank you mr. Wrake.
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For some reason I was awake just before 8AM on Tuesday, October 23rd.

I opened up Facebook, and this was what I read.

It is with incredible sadness that I have to let you know that our darling Run passed away very suddenly at 5am on Sunday morning as an end result of his cancer. He had spent a beautiful Saturday with his two children Florence and Joe, his sister Fiona and myself. We left him at 7pm doing what he loved best- drawing and animating with peg bar and paper. I was with him for his last moments. We love you Run. Lisa Wrake.

I wrote a brief post on my own blog. I have several remnants of obit posts for the front page written, but I couldn't get through them.

I didn't know Run personally, except through brief and pleasant correspondence., but for some reason, this news just knocked the wind out of me. He was still young -a little older than me. He was still working.

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